FERRATA, DOMENICO: Cardinal; b. at Gradoli, diocese of Montefiascone (50 m. n.w. of Rome), Italy, Mar. 4, 1847. He studied at the Jesuit colleges at Orvieto and Montefiascone, and at the University of Rome. He was then professor of canon law at the Roman Seminary and also professor of church history, exegesis, dogmatic theology, and the institutes of ecclesiastical law at the Propaganda. In 1877 he became a member of the Congregation for Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs, and in 1879 was appointed auditor of the papal nuncio at Paris. After his return to Italy, he was made undersecretary of his Congregation and domestic prelate to the pope, and in 1884 he was president of the Pontificia Accademia dei Nobili Ecclesiastici. In 1885 he was preconized titular archbishop of Thessalonica and sent to Belgium as papal nuncio. On his return, he became secretary of his congregation, and in 1891 was nuncio at Paris. He was created cardinal priest of Santa Prisca in 1896. He is a member of the Congregations of Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs, the Council, Rites, the Inquisition, Studies, Indulgences, and Loreto, besides being a commissioner for the reunion of dissenting churches and for the apostolic visitation of the dioceses of Italy.