FAUCHEUR, fō"shūr', MICHEL LE: French Protestant preacher; b. at Geneva 1585; d. in Paris Apr. 1, 1657. At eighteen he began preaching at Dijon and early won a great reputation as an orator. He was pastor at Montpellier 1612-32, and from 1636 till his death he preached at Charenton. In the interim he had been reduced to silence by Richelieu, who was trying to unite the two branches of the Church. Besides a large number of sermons, which are still worth reading, he published, Traité de la Cène (Geneva, 1635); and Traité de l'action de l'orateur (Paris, 1637). A translation of his sermon, "The Wages of Sin and the Reward of Grace" is found in Ingram Cobbin's The French Preacher (London, 1816).