FARNOVIUS (FARNESIUS), STANISLAUS: Polish antitrinitarian; b. in the first half of the sixteenth century; d. apparently after 1622. The first event known in his life is that he was at Marburg in Mar., 1564, when Johannes Pincierius gave him a letter of recommendation to Bullinger. Two months later he matriculated at Heidelberg, but was already an Arian and was accordingly expelled. After the Synod of Lancut, Galicia, in 1567 he established and conducted a school in Sandec in the same province, separating from the Polish Unitarians who denied the preexistence of Christ and becoming the impassioned leader of the Arian Unitarians who asserted the preeminence of the Father over the Son, but admitted the preexistence of Jesus. He regarded the Holy Ghost as a person, but opposed any invocation of this member of the Trinity. In regard to the baptism of adults by immersion, he was in complete sympathy with the other Unitarians of Poland. After the death of Farnovius, his followers were absorbed by the great body of Unitarians or by the Calvinists.

(F. Loose.)