FALLOWS, SAMUEL: Reformed Episcopal bishop; b. at Pendleton (a suburb of Manchester), Lancashire, England, Dec. 13, 1835. He emigrated to the United States at the age of thirteen and was graduated at the University of Wisconsin in 1859. He was vice-president of Galesville University, Galesville, Wis., in 1859-61 and a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church from 1859 to 1875. He served in the Union army during the Civil War, and was promoted colonel and brevet brigadier-general. After the cessation of hostilities he was pastor of a Methodist church in Milwaukee. He was a regent of the University of Wisconsin 1866-1874 and state superintendent of public instruction for Wisconsin 1870-74. In 1874-75 he was president of Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Ill., but in 1875 withdrew from the Methodist Episcopal Church for the Reformed Episcopal denomination. Since 1875 he has been rector of St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal Church, Chicago, and has been a bishop of the Church since 1876. He has been elected presiding bishop seven times. In 1876 he founded the Reformed Episcopal Appeal, which he edited for four years. Among his writings mention may be made of Bright and Happy Homes (Chicago, 1877); The Home Beyond (1879); Past Noon (Cincinnati, O., 1886); The Bible Looking Glass (Naperville, Ill., 1898); Popular and Critical Biblical Dictionary (Chicago, 1901); and Christian Philosophy (1905.)