FACUNDUS OF HERMIANE: Bishop of Hermiane, in the North African province of Byzacena; d. after 571. He belonged to the leaders of the anti-imperial opposition in the so-called Three Chapter Controversy (q.v.) and in 548 submitted to Justinian a work in twelve books Pro defensione trium capitulorum, in which he sought mainly to prove that the emperor's design of condemning the Antiochian theology might seriously impair the authority of the Council of Chalcedon. A second treatise, Liber contra Mocianum scholasticism, in opposition to the judicatum by which Pope Vigilius had condemned the Three Chapters, shows that he was already estranged from Rome, yet the date of composition is uncertain. A third work is the Epistola fidei catholicæ in defensione trium capitulorum. The three treatises are in MPL, lxvii. 521-878, and in A. Gallandi, Bibliotheca, xi. 663-821.