DUBBS, JOSEPH HENRY: Reformed (German); b. at North Whitehall, Pa., Oct. 5,1838. He was graduated at Franklin and Marshall College in 1856, and Mercersburg Theological Seminary in 1859. He was pastor of Zion Reformed Church, Allentown, Pa. (1859-63), Trinity Reformed Church, Pottstown, Pa. (1863-71), and Christ Reformed Church, Philadelphia (1871-75), and from 1875 to 1906 was professor of history and archeology in Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa. He was acting president of his college in 1904, for fifteen years was secretary of its faculty, and since 1889 has been secretary of its board of trustees. He was corresponding delegate to the Lutheran General Synod in 1873 and to the Presbyterian General Assembly in 1891, as well as president of the Eastern Synod of the Reformed Church in the United States in 1893. In theology he adheres to the orthodox Christological position of his denomination. He was editor of the Guardian in 1882-86 and of the Reformed Church Messenger in 1894-95, and has written Historic Manual of the Reformed Church (Lancaster, 1885); Home Ballads and Metrical Versions (Philadelphia, 1888); Why am I Reformed? (1889); History of the Reformed Church (New York, 1895); Leaders of the Reformation (Philadelphia, 1900); The Reformed Church in Pennsylvania (1902); and History of Franklin and Marshall College (Lancaster, 1903).