DRYANDER, ERNST: German Protestant; b. at Halle Apr. 18, 1843. He studied in Halle and Tübingen (1860-64), and, after being assistant pastor at the Berlin Cathedral 1870-72, was pastor at Torgau 1872-74 and Bonn 1874-82, and superintendent and pastor of Trinity Church, Berlin, 1882-98. From 1890 to 1900 he was superintendent-general of the Kurmark, and has been chief court preacher since 1898. He was chosen a member of the Evangelical Church Council in 1900, and has been a member of the Prussian Upper House since 1901, and since 1905 canon of Brandenburg. He has written Evangelische Predigten (2 vols., Bonn, 1884-86); Das Evangelium, Marci in Predigten (2 vols., Bremen, 1890-92); Der erste Brief Johannis in Predigten (1898; Eng. transl. by W. O. E. Oesterley, London, 1899); and Das Leben des Apostels, Paulus in Predigten (Halle, 1904).