DRURY, MARION RICHARDSON: United Brethren; b. at Pendleton, Ind., Dec. 27, 1849. He studied at Western College (now Leander Clark College), Toledo, Ia. (B.A., 1872), and was graduated from Union Biblical Seminary, Dayton, O., in 1875. He held pastorates at Toledo, Ia. (1875-87), and Cedar Rapids, Ia. (1878-81), and from 1881 to 1897 was associate editor of the Religious Telescope (Dayton, O.). Since 1898 he has been pastor of the First United Brethren Church, Toledo, Ia. In theology he is an orthodox member of his denomination. He has written Pastor's Pocket Record (Dayton, O., 1883); The Otterbein Birthday Book (1887); Handbook for Workers (1888); Pastor's Companion (1894); At Hand (1895); Our Catechism (1897); and Life and Career of Bishop James W. Hott, D.D. (1902).