DRISCOLL, JAMES FRANCIS: Roman Catholic; b. at East Poultney, Vt., Sept. 30, 1859. He studied at Montreal College (B.A., Laval University, 1881), the Grand Séminaire, Montreal (1881-84), the Séminaire St. Sulpice, Paris (1884-1886; bachelor of theology and canon law, Institut Catholique, Paris, 1886), Minerva University, Rome (1886-88), University Reale, Rome (18861888), New York University (1897-1900), Johns Hopkins University (1901-02), and the Catholic University of America, Washington, D. C. (1901-1902). He was professor of dogmatic theology and Hebrew in the Theological Seminary of Montreal (1889-96), professor of the same subjects in St. Joseph's Seminary, Dunwoodie, N. Y. (1896-99), and of Holy Scripture and Hebrew in the same institution (1899-1901), professor of Scripture in St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, Md. (1901-02), and at the same time professor of Semitic languages in St. Austin's College, Washington, D. C. Since 1902 he has been president and professor of moral theology in St. Joseph's Seminary. He was chairman of the Seminary Board in the annual conference for the promotion of Catholic education in 1905-06. In theological position he is "Roman Catholic, but of liberal progressive views frankly welcoming all the reasonably established claims of modern scholarship in the field of science, philosophy, historical and Biblical criticism, etc." He has been editor of The New York Review since 1905.