DREY, JOHANN SEBASTIAN VON: Roman Catholic; b. at Killingen (near Ellwangen, 45 m. e.n.e. of Stuttgart) Oct. 16, 1777; d. at Tübingen Feb. 19, 1853. He studied theology at Augsburg, was ordained priest in 1801, and in 1812 was appointed professor of theology at Ellwangen. When this institution was disbanded in 1817 he became professor at Tübingen, holding this position till 1846, when he retired. With his colleagues Gratz, Herbst, and Hirscher he founded the Theologische Quartalschrift in 1819. His principal work was on Christian apologetics (2 vols., Mainz, 1838-43; 2d ed. enlarged, 3 vols., 1847).