BLASS, FRIEDRICH WILHELM: German Protestant classical scholar; b. at Osnabrück (30 m. n.e. of Münster) Jan. 22, 1843; d. at Halle Mar. 5, 1907. He studied in Göttingen (1860-61) and Bonn (1861-63; Ph.D., 1863), and after being a teacher in gymnasia at Bielefeld (1864-66), Naumburg-an-der-Saale (1866-70), Magdeburg (1870-73), and Stettin (1873-74), became privat-docent at Königsberg in 1874. Two years later he was appointed associate professor at Kiel, where he was promoted to the rank of full professor in 1881. From 1892 he was professor of classical philology at Halle. Besides editions of Greek authors and inscriptions, and several works on strictly classical themes, he published Philology of the Gospels (London, 1898) and Grammatik des neutestamentlichen Griechisch (Göttingen, 1896; Eng. transl. by H. St. J. Thackeray, London, 1898), and edited Acta Apostolorum (Göttingen, 1895; minor edition, Leipsic, 1896); Evangelium secundum Lucam (Leipsic, 1897); Evangelium secundunt Matthæum (1901); Evangelium secundum Johannem (1902); and (Barnabas) Brief an die Hebräer (Halle, 1903).