BINDLEY, THOMAS HERBERT: Church of England; b. at Smethwick (3 m. n.w. of

Birmingham), Staffordshire, Oct. 21, 1861. He was educated at Brownsgrove College,

Worcestershire, and Merton College, Oxford (B.A., 1884), and was ordered deacon in 1889 and ordained priest in the following year. He was assistant curate of Ixworth, Suffolk, in 1889, and since 1890 has been principal of Codrington College, Barbados, and examining chaplain to the bishop of Barbados. He became canon of Barbados in 1893 and archdeacon in 1904, while in the following year he was made vicar-general of the diocese. In theology he is a liberal High-churchman. In addition to numerous contributions to theological periodicals, he has translated St. Athanasius de incarnatione Verbi Dei (London, 1887); Tertullian's Apology (London, 1889); Epistle of the Gallivan Churches (1900); and St. Cyprian on the Lord's Prayer (1904). He has also edited Tertulliani Apologeticus (Oxford, 1889); Tertulliani De Præscriptione (1893); and Œcumenical Documents of the Faith (London, 1900); and has written The Creeds (1896) and Et incarnatus est (New York, 1896).