BATIFFOL, PIERRE HENRI: French Roman Catholic; b. at Toulouse Jan. 27, 1861. He was educated at the Seminary of St. Sulpice, Paris (1878-82), and the University of Paris (1882-86; Docteur ès lettres, 1892), and since 1898 has been rector of the Institut Catholique at Toulouse. He was created a domestic prelate to the Pope in 1899, and in theology is an orthodox Roman Catholic, inclining toward the critical school in matters of history. Since 1896 he has been the editor of the Bibliotheque de l'enseignement de l'histoire ecclesiastique, founded by him in that year, and since 1899 has also edited the monthly Bulletin de litterature ecclesiastique. He has written L'Abbaye de Rossano, contribution à l'histoire de la Vaticane (Paris, 1892); Histoire du breviere romain (1893); Six leçons sur les Evangiles (1897); Tractatus Origenis in libros sanctarum scripturarum (1900); Etudes d'histoire et de theologie positive (1902); and L'Enseignement de Jesus (1905).