ANGILBERT, an-gil'bert, or ENGELBERT, SAINT: Friend and counselor of Charlemagne, whose daughter Bertha he is said to have married, and by her had two sons, Harnid and Nithard (the historian); d. Feb. 19, 814. He enjoyed the confidence of Charlemagne till the end of the latter's life, and was employed in many difficult negotiations. That he entered the monastery of Centula (the modern St. Riquier, about 25 m. n.w. of Amiens) in 790 is not probable; he was abbot of the monastery later, however, and rebuilt it with much splendor. He was named the "Homer" of the literary circle at Charlemagne's court, and a few Latin lyrics and a fragment of an epic ascribed to him are extant. (in MPL, xcix. 825-854; MGH, Script., xv. 1, 1887, 173-181; Poetæ Latini ævi carolini, i., 1881, 355-381).