ANDREWS, ELISHA BENJAMIN: Baptist; b. at Hinsdale, N. H., Jan. 10, 1844. He was educated at Brown University (B.A., 1870), Newton Theological Institution (1874), and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1879-80), and also studied in the universities of Berlin and Munich (1882-83). He served in the Union army in the Civil War, being promoted from private to second lieutenant. He was principal of the Connecticut Literary Institute, Suffield, Conn., 1870-72, and pastor of the First Baptist Church, Beverly, Mass., 1874-75. In the latter year he was appointed president of Denison University, Granville, Ill., and held this position until 1879, when he accepted a call to Newton Theological Institution as professor of homiletics and practical theology. In 1882 he became professor of history and political economy at Brown University, and in 1888 of political economy and finance at Cornell. In 1889 he was chosen president of Brown University, where he remained until 1898. He then became superintendent of the Chicago schools until 1900, when he was made chancellor of the University of Nebraska, at Lincoln. He was a member of the United States delegation to the Brussels International Monetary Commission in 1892, and is also a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, the Loyal Legion, and the American Economic Association. In theology he is a liberal evangelical Baptist. His works include Brief lnstitutes of Constitutional History, English and American (New York, 1886); Brief Institutes of General History (1887); Institutes of Economics (1889); The Problem of Cosmology (1891); Eternal Words (1893; a volume of sermons); Wealth and Moral Law (1894); An Honest Dollar, with seven Other Essays on Bimetallism (1894); History of the United States (2 vols., 1894; revised and enlarged, 5 vols., 1905); and History of the United States in the last Quarter Century (1896). He has also published Outlines of the Principles of History (New York, 1893), a translation of J. G. Droysen's Grundris der Historik (3d ed., Leipsic, 1882).