Alleged author of a work against the doctrines of the Manicheans, written in Greek, probably about 300. He was therefore contemporary with the first apostles of Manicheism in Egypt. Photitis (Contra Manichæos, i. 11) calls him bishop of Lycopolis (in the Thebaid), but the work (which is an important source for the Manichean system) does not even justify the inference that the writer was a Christian, and nothing is known of his life. The work was published by F. Combefis in his Auctarium novissimum, ii. (Paris, 1672) 3-21, and is reprinted in MPG, xviii. 409-448. It has been edited, with a good introduction, by A. Brinkmann (Leipsic, 1895); Eng. transl. in ANF, vi. 239-253.