The name of two French monks, both known as historians.

1. Aimoin of St. Germain: Teacher in the monastery school of Saint-Germain-des-Prés near Paris. He seems to have begun his literary career about 865; and to have died at the end of the ninth century or in the beginning of the tenth. His works, all of a hagiographical nature, are in MPL, cxxvi. 1009-56.

2. Aimoin of Fleury: A disciple of Abbo of Fleury (q.v.), at whose suggestion, and therefore not later than 1004, he wrote a Historia Francorum, from their origin to the time of Clovis II. (d. 657). His life of Abbo has greater historical value; and his account of the translation of the relics of St. Benedict to Fleury contains numerous data for French history of the tenth century. His works are in MPL, cxxxix. 375-414, 617-870; and there are extracts in MGH, Script.; ix. (1851) 374-376.


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