AGELLI, ANTONIO (Lat. Agellius): Roman Catholic scholar; b. at Sorrento, s. of the Bay of Naples, 1532; d. at. Acerno, 14 m. e.n.e. of Sorrento, 1608. He joined the order of the Theatins, became bishop of Acerno in 1593, but after a few years returned to his monastery. He was famed for his knowledge of the languages of the Bible, under Gregory XIII. and Sixtus V. was member of the commission for the publication of the Septuagint (1587), and assisted also in the publication of the Vulgate (1590).

Agelli wrote commentaries on the Book of Lamentations (Rome, 1598); the Psalms and Canticles (1606); Proverbs (Verona, 1649); and Habakkuk (Antwerp, 1697).