AEGIDIUS OF VITERBO: General and protector of the order of Augustinian eremite monks to which Luther belonged; d. as cardinal at Rome 1532. Of his many theological writings (for list cf. Fabricius, Bibliotheca Latina, i.,Florence, 1858, p. 23) but few have been published. His address at the opening of the Lateran council of 1512 may be found in Hardouin (Conciliorum collectio, vol. ix., Paris, 1715, p.1576), and a memorial on the condition of the Church, which he presented to Pope Adrian VI., was published by C. Hofler (in the Abhandlungen of the Royal Bavarian Academy, hist. cl., iv., Munich, 1846, pp. 62-89).

BIBLIOGRAPHY: T. Kolde, Die deutsche Augustiner-Congregation, Gotha, 1879.