ACCOLTI: The name of two cardinals who have sometimes been confused.

1. Pietro Accolti: "The Cardinal of Ancona"; b. at Florence 1455; d. at Rome Dec.12, 1532. He studied law, but later entered the Church, and was made bishop of Ancona and cardinal by Julius II. He was the author of the famous bull of 1520 against Luther.

2. Benedetto Accolti: "The Cardinal of Ravenna," nephew of the preceding; b. at Florence, Oct. 29, 1497; d. there Sept. 21, 1549. He belonged to the college of abbreviators under Leo X., and was made a cardinal by Clement VII. in 1527. In 1535 Paul III. for some obscure reason imprisoned him in the castle of St. Angelo; and he obtained his release after some mouths only by payment of a large sum of money. He left some Latin writings including a few poems (published in Quinque illustrium poetarum carmina, Florence, 1562).