ABEEL, DAVID: Missionary; b. at New Brunswick, N. J., June 12, 1804; d. at Albany, N. Y., Sept. 4, 1846. He was graduated at the New Brunswick Theological Seminary in 1826; in 1829 he went to Canton as chaplain of the Seaman's Friend Society; and in 1831-33 he visited Java, Singapore, and Siam for the American Board. Returning to America by way of Europe in 1833, he aided in founding in England a society for promoting the education of women in the East. He went back to China in 1838 and founded the Amoy mission in 1842. He published a Journal of his first residence in China (New York, 1835), The Missionary Convention at Jerusalem (1838), Claims of the World to the Gospel (1838).

BIBLIOGRAPHY: G. R. Williamson, David Abeel, New York, 1849.